Senior Economist, Research & Intellectual Capital, Willis Towers Watson

Magda-Ramanda (1)

Magdalena is a Senior Economist at Willis Towers Watson’s Research and Innovation Center. She has 20+ years of experience in R&D and international consulting. Magda holds a PhD in Quantitative Economics and Finance and was Willis Towers Watson’s Head of Research and Analytical Services. She currently focuses on strategic consulting for the Insurance Industry, especially around emerging markets, #insurtech and blockchain/distributed ledger technologies.

Her main areas of expertise include technology and innovation, MNC internationalization strategies, emerging markets, global governance, macroeconomic and sociopolitical risks. Magdalena has 15 years of teaching experience at European and Latin American universities. She has presented at various international conferences and summits and has several publications in her areas of expertise. She also led many research projects for multilateral organizations on microinsurance, financial inclusion and innovation.