Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is one of the insurers of Autostrade per l’Italia – the operator of the collapsed Morandi Bridge in Italy.

The carrier has confirmed that it is one of the “main insurance companies” to the Italian motorway operator, adding that it is working with its client in the wake of the tragedy, which left at least 43 people dead.

“We are already working with and will continue to support our client in managing the impact of this tragic event on the victims and their families,” Swiss Re Corporate Solutions said in a statement.

“Also, we will be working through the discovery process that will include independent third-party assessments in order to determine the likely root cause of the event,” the Swiss giant added.

Swiss Re was unwilling to disclose any specific details of the cover it provides to Autostrade per l’Italia.

“Please be aware that we cannot disclose any details of individual insurance contracts or comment on the coverage which we provide to our clients,” it said.

“We completely understand that this event is of high importance to the Italian society and we are deeply saddened by the loss of lives and the grief the event has caused.”

Last week the Italian government opened up an investigation into Autostrade per l’Italia – Italy’s main toll road operator – following the disaster which saw the bridge give way during busy lunchtime traffic, sending dozens of vehicles plummeting 50 metres on to a railway track below.

The Transport Ministry said it had given Autostrade 15 days to demonstrate it had met all of its contractual obligations. The motorway operator was also told that it is responsible for picking up the costs of rebuilding the bridge.