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Nerds rule the world these days

Or at least that’s how the commonly accepted wisdom goes.


Tech is coming for commercial insurance - just maybe not quite yet

When will technology firms displace existing players in the traditional commercial and specialty (re)insurance arena?


Trademark victories for common sense

It’s not often that the little guy gets to win in this world.

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How Insurtech Will Accelerate The Social And Economic Impact Of Insurers

The following article is brought to you by Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) founders Roger Perevelli and Reggy de Feniks in the run up to the DIA Amsterdam InsurTech conference on 16 and 17 May.

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Lloyd’s and Innovation Alchemy

Innovation is a tricky business. Despite what the buzzword bandits would have you believe, it is extraordinarily difficult to impose innovation - and the attitudes associated with it - on a given environment. 

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McGavick the masterful tactician

Allianz and five others used to tease knockout $15.3bn bid from XL…

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Angerstein: Lloyd’s headcount leaps despite costly virtue signalling

The Corporation of Lloyd’s senior management have been signalling their commitment to cost-reductions for some time - so one can imagine there was a collective groan when it published its market-wide results last month.

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Brain drain and the IG account - what next for Miller?

The next few months may well prove crunch time for wholesale broker Miller.

Gold pan

Legacy boom town’s revelation that Darag is raising EUR100mn to bolster its M&A firepower, and the firm’s subsequent confirmation yesterday that it is teaming up with Scandinavian investment house New Nordic to acquire live businesses, demonstrates just how much interest there is in the run-off sector.