RMS’ CEO Karen White says the (re)insurance industry finds itself at a pivotal transformational inflection point.

We at RMS are asking the question of “how”. How do you bring together two key pillars: analytics and data, to ensure that our clients get the answers they need to make a smart decision; the right data to the right person at the right time? At RMS, we are taking a platform-centric approach to ensure we deliver a consistent view of risk across the enterprise that will empower our clients to drive better business outcomes more effectively and efficiently.

We want our clients to operate with the highest degree of flexibility and customization, which is why our platform will be modularized, where clients will be able to find and utilize only the components that bring the greatest value to their businesses. This also allows us to provide more advanced analytics, including High Definition location-based analytics, that offer provide greater granularity and insight.

This approach to our offering will allow RMS to deeply embed our solutions across our client’s business at the point of impact delivering the highest quality insights so when important business decisions arise; at the account level, at the property level, at the portfolio level; they have analytics to make an informed decision. We are also optimizing our offering so that customers get the best value in conjunction with the most advanced data analytics. We have always been on the right path and we have a great tech stack that allows us to deliver modularity, to deliver scale, to deliver price performance and extensibility.

RMS is laser focused on bringing forth greater value across technology and analytics just as the (re)insurance industry finds itself at a pivotal transformational inflection point – one at which multiple critical factors converge to create an environment in which companies are both primed and compelled to change.

I am fortunate that in my career I have been present at this critical point across several different industries. Part of why I am so thrilled to bring this experience to RMS is that it is clear we have always embraced the science around models and have been an innovator in this space since our inception. But we are also market leaders in our technology which can enable more proficient model execution, providing greater insights based on data analytics that will only continue to get better over time.

RMS is addressing challenges that our market is facing head on, and is committed to delivering analytics that can positively impact everything from our client’s day to day operations all the way to high-level strategic decisions impacting our entire industry.

Our discipline for bringing the best possible solutions to our clients, combined with our passion for unlocking the greatest value for those that we serve, is what has propelled our success over our almost three decades and will continue to drive our momentum into the future.