Chief Executive Officer, Xceedance

Arun Balakrishnan

Arun Balakrishnan has built his career around promoting innovation and transformation in the insurance business. He has more than 10 years of experience launching start-ups in the industry. Arun’s vision and industry experience are rooted in a desire to revitalize processes, streamline operations and provide opportunities for growth.

Before founding Xceedance, he served as the chief executive officer for Berkshire Hathaway Insurance in India. In this role, Arun established and executed the company’s market entry strategy by building a superior team, skilled in insurance processes, technology and back office operations. Having initiated and nurtured business relationships with various insurance and reinsurance companies over the years, he has gained an intimate understanding of the way insurance businesses operate, underlined by in-depth knowledge of the various functional areas within insurer organizations, as well as hands-on experience with business strategy and planning. Prior to Berkshire Hathaway India, Arun founded and functioned as chief executive officer for an insurance aggregation portal company which secured venture capital funding from one of the top internet companies in India. He started his career in the Merchant Marine as a deck officer on cargo ships and oil tankers.